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Is it safe to perform a surgery during coronavirus outbreak?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Some patients may be concerned about hospital admission due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation in China and many other isolated cases throughout 27 countries in the World.

The numbers in Hong Kong as of 18th February 2020 numbered only 60. All the private hospitals have put in place stringent screening procedures to ensure that no patients from Mainland China are admitted to Hong Kong private hospitals without ensuring there is a 14-day quarantine period prior to admission. The admission questionnaire regarding admission, previous travel, flu-like symptoms, temperature check, compulsory hand washing and optional mask wearing are in effect. The exception to this is for ENT surgery: operations involving the nasal cavities, sinuses, oral cavity and larynx which may create aerosol will be withheld during this period. In summary, by implementing these measures, hospital admission is probably one of the safest places to visit during this current outbreak.

Covid-19 Advice from the HK Society of infectious Diseases 16February 2020:


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