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“Her Health & Wellness. I ❤ Being Healthy”

Hong Kong Surgical Specialists participated in a very special event where three of our doctors, Dr. Donald Greig, Dr. Michael Rogers, Dr. Esslin Terrighena were speakers.

In the company of health professionals and wellness enthusiasts, guests learnt to live well, improve the quality of life while spending some quality time with girlfriends and making new ones!

Have a look at the pictures and stay tuned for the next event!

Morning started with some stretching and mindfulness exercise

Dr. Esslin Terrighena shared how to overcome anxiety in her I ❤ BEING CALM talk

Guests browsed through numerous wellness goods vendors

Dr. Donald Greig shared about skin protection and dangerous moles during I ❤ MY SKIN talk

Some exercise for healthy living , some shopping for happy living

Dr. Donald Greig spoke about breast self-examination during I ❤ MY BREAST talk

Dr. Michael Rogers shared about contraception surprises in I ❤ BEING SAFE

Guests enjoyed healthy snacks and drinks


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